Beauty Regime for your Summer Holidays

It’s time to get ready for your summer holiday!


Every girl know they need to get pampered and ready for their summer holiday. While not everyone will have the perfect beach body, looking good is also about feeling good.

Our 5 day beauty regime countdown for your holidays will make sure you’re well prepared, pampered, relaxed and most importantly, looking gorgeous!


facial-huddersfield Day 5: Facial

Get your face clear and ready for your holiday.

Facials generally all try to achieve a similar goal:

  • Clean & Soothe,
  • Balance & Moisturise
  • Target any specific skin areas or concerns.
bio-sculpture-gel-nails-huddersfield Day 4: Manicure and Pedicure

Your nails and toes need to be immaculate on the beach or by the pool.

No-one wants to see chipped nail polish, so Shellac or Bio Gel Nails are the best options.

Both available in amazing summer colours with flawless shines which will last for your holiday.

waxing-huddersfield Day 3: Waxing

3 days before your holiday is the ideal time to get your waxing done.

This gives your skin time to calm down in case any irritation occurs.

Waxing has to be the essential beauty treatment before a holiday for perfectly smooth skin!

nouveau-extend-lashes-huddersfield Day 2: Lashes & HD Brows

Holidays aren’t just about sitting on the beach, you also have the nights to enjoy.

You need to glam up on the night whether you’re having a romantic meal or going clubbing.

LVL Lashes are great if you don’t want false lashes and we also have strip lashes on sale if you want a different look each night.


handbag essentials Day 1: Get your essentials and pack

The day before you need to pack and ensure you have all the essentials. Every girl needs to be prepared.

Get some Self-Tan Sachets to use if you’re not quite getting the tan you want or need a top-up.

We also have some amazing strip lashes and other beauty essentials in our salon or online store.