2016 and the new you!

Every January everybody makes their New Year resolutions. The majority of these are to join a gym and get fit, which involves paying your new monthly subscription!

However, research by Sports England has shown that the number of people who regulary use a gym has dropped even though gym memberships continue to rise. 

One possible reason is that people are using more tech and getting smarter in what exercise they do, or they simply join and don't go 🙂

Whatever you do in the New Year, beauty treatments should remain high on your list. Looking good is not just about sweating down the gym, you need to feel good about yourself on the outside as well as the inside.

Whether you need a de-stressing Lava Shells Massage following a good session down the gym or simply getting your Shellac Nails done before meeting your friends post Christmas, treat yourself. You are worth it and and looking good gives you a great confidence boost.

So get down the sales, get some new clothes, get your nails and lashes done, and get yourself out there! Be gorgeous in 2016!