Prom Makeup 2017

Our Gorgeous Prom Girls


Here at Oh So Gorgeous, we have been extremely busy pampering prom girls ready for their big day.

Many of our prom services range from Shellac Nails, Facials, Pedicures, Nouveau Lashes and Make-up to ensure that these girls had the best 2017 on-trend prom make-up and nails, such as the new Rose Gold Shellac, in Huddersfield.

Below are some photos of the gorgeous girls this year.

We hope you girls all had a lovely prom and we look forward to next years! 


  • rose gold nails
  • lashes together
  • rose gold glitter nails
  • leah and annie
  • silver nails
  • leah and rae
  • orla and hannah
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