Get the skin you deserve with Skin Profiling

Everybody wants perfect skin. And on Instagram, everyone seems to be an expert. There is a lot of advice out there from serums, masks and whatever else.

But taking advise from someone on social media is not the answer

If you want the perfect skin, you need to know the right skincare routine for you, you are unique, don't just take any old advise.

What is Skin Profiling?

Skin Profiling is a new treatment we offer to profile your skin.

Using very specialist techniques, we review your skincare routine, analyse your skin and using all this information, recommend a variety of solutions to promote improved skin and well being.


Why should I have Skin Profiling?

The skin is as individual as its owner and requires much more than a one size fits all approach.

Whether you experience pigmentation, sensitivity, rosacea, congestion or dryness, Skin Profiling is for you.

It identifies your concerns and pinpoints the many influences which impact your skin, allowing us to work together to devise a plan to meet your skincare needs.

Many people do not know what their skin requires to become amazing or believe they have tried every product.

If you want to improve your skin or even make sure what you are doing is correct, then Skin Profiling is for you.




What happens during a Skin Profiling Consultation and Analysis?

We will firstly discuss the skin care goals you wish to achieve before working through a set of questions asking about your health history, medication, lifestyle, diet and current skin care regime to help pinpoint the many factors which contribute to skin issues and helps to build an all-round picture of your skin story. We will work together create a treatment plan and daily regime to meet both your goals and budget.

Using a specialist technique, we will closely look at your skin using a magnification device as well as using our fingers to feel the skins surface both helping to determine the current condition of your skin. As we work around your face and identify your skin concerns we will be sharing everything we see with you as we see it, allowing you to ask questions. We will use both traditional methods and the use of Eastern philosophies to offer further solutions for your all-round wellbeing.

To conclude we will create a full skincare plan, detailing any treatments recommended and the homecare regime to be followed to gain those ongoing results. With a full product selection in various sizes we can create the right regime to meet your needs and budget.

Do I need to do or bring anything to my Skin Profiling Consultation and Analysis?

To allow us to determine your ‘true’ skin we ask if possible that you come to your appointment with your skin uncleansed/unwashed, no moisturiser and no make-up applied.

Whilst this may sound very unusual, seeing your skin ‘au natural’ helps us immensely by seeing your skins natural moisture levels without them being washed away or by having additional moisture applied

To help us build a full picture of what influences your skin, we ask that you bring a full list of any prescribed or over the counter medication you currently take, allowing us to research any effects the medication may be impacting your skin; as well as a list of all the skincare you currently use so we can determine if any formulations are creating any issues to your skin health.

How long does Skin Profiling Consultation & Analysis take?

The process takes approximately 30 minutes in total. The first part of the session is spent discussing your needs, how we will meet them and asking relevant questions about your skin and lifestyle. We follow this by taking an in depth look at your skin using our specialist techniques then create a tailored regime specific to your needs.

We will provide you with a personalised recommendation sheet which details the main skin issues we identify and the recommendations we suggest.