Wedding Make-Up Trends 2017

The Hottest Wedding Make-Up Trends


The hottest wedding trends of 2017 are based around the natural appearance. Many brides are opting for a simple look, with natural eyebrows and summery, baby pinks shades.

Two big trends for this natural look include matching eyes with lips with a similar shade of pastel pink, creating a summery tone and dewy complexion – which can also be achieved through the use of highlighter. Natural, but voluminous, lashes are perfect to pair with this delicate eye look. We think that our Nouveau LVL Lashes would be the the ideal match, and would complete the whole look. 


Another huge hit: darker lips. Berry coloured lips have recieved a +71% search increase on Pinterest searches in this year alone, but it is vital to avoid a make-up malfunction. Therefore, here at Oh So Gorgeous we recommend using a matte-finish liquid lipstick and then appropriately finishing this bold look with a lip coat to steer clear of any smudges. 


On the other hand, if berry tones aren’t for you, red lipsticks with orange undertones are making a huge comeback into the wedding scene. This tone can suit you better if you have a yellow skin undertone.  With this lip shade, try a little flick for a simple but effective eye. A brilliant matte orange lipstick is the Illamasqua “Liable”  , or Topshop’s “Rio Rio” – which is at a more affordable price of £8. 


Orange Toned Lipstick

Highlight! One of the biggest trends, that has taken the make-up world by storm, is sticking around. If you want to take your highlight to the next level, we suggest using the layering technique. Start with either a liquid form or cream stick and then finishing with your powder highlight. A popular technique called “spotlighting” involves putting your highlighter into the inner corners of your eye, to further brighten makeup and create the appearance of larger eyes. 

If you are unsure about where to put the highlighter, the most important place is your cheekbones, to help define and create the illusion of a more chiselled complexion. Other important areas can be your cupid’s bow to make your upper lip look fuller, your browbone and on the underside of any winged eyeliner to make your eye look more dramatic. 

Wedding Highlight

In a nutshell, for the hottest wedding makeup, think glowing skin, little eyemakeup and lips that are slightly darker than your natural lips.