IBX System for Nails


IBX System for Nails repair and strengthens the natural nail by toughening the nail plate to allow growth.

At our Huddersfield Beauty Salon, we apply the IBX System under our Shellac Nails and Bio Gel Nails. This creates a protective shield for your nails and helps to condition your nails as well as help the gel polish last longer.

The IBX system can also be used on its own and not under gel polish. If you nails have been damaged, then IBX is the answer. With multiple treatments, it fills up deep grooves which results in a smoother nail plate. It also enhances your natural nail colour and appearence.

First Treatment (when added to full set of gel polish)£ 6
Subsequent Treatment (when added to full set of gel polish)£ 5

IBX System for Nails in Huddersfield