Nouveau Express Lashes

At Oh So Gorgeous, we have an amazing lash bar to browse and choose your Nouveau Express Lashes Huddersfield.

With Nouveau’s Express Lashes, you have Lashes on Demand. Choose from Strip, Cluster or Express  whether you have 5, 10 or 20 minutes to spare.

See below for pictures of these amazing express lashes and their prices, which start at only £12!

Strip Lashes
Cluster Lashes
Lash Extensions
nouveau-lets-go-strip-lashes-huddersfield nouveau-lets-go-cluster-lashes-huddersfield nouveau-lets-go-express-lashes


Nouveau Strip Lashes  £ 15
Natural hair strip lashes that are professionally applied and can last up to 24/48 hours and can be reused at home. Application takes appox. 5 mins.
Nouveau Cluster Lashes £ 28
Nouveau Cluster Lashes offer a softer, fuller look that lasts up to 1 week. We offer a FREE lash removal server as these lashes require professionally removing after 1 week. Application takes approx. 15 mins.
Nouveau Express Individual Lash Extensions £ 36
Express Lashes that last up to 2 weeks to create a natural or glamour look. These lashes must be professionally removed after 2 weeks and we offer this for FREE. Application takes approx. 20 mins.


Nouveau Lashes: Express Huddersfield